Spike Lee Air Jordan 1 Quickstrike

For Brooklyn.

Spike Lee and Jordan Brand are releasing a quickstrike Air Jordan 1.

After teasing the collaboration, the Spike Lee Jordan 1 has been revealed. As you can see, the Mars Blackmon logo is featured on the shoe.

According to SneakerNews, the Jordan 1 will release tomorrow, June 16 exclusively in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Heads up New York, and if you live outside of NY, hit your mans and them ASAP.

Are you feeling this Jordan 1?

Image: Sole Collector

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  • PsychadelicSavage

    Nothing to see here, keep it moving

  • Y’all camping in Brooklyn?

  • Viktor Von Doom

    Should have done this with the motorsport 4

  • C Brown

    Man….if Spike and JB convince you kids to pay $300 for some Jordan 1’s (and Im not talking to flip) Im officially retiring…cause common sense just doesn’t apply anymore….

  • russellerving

    Amen! $300? Surely you jest.

  • I love how he turned off the comments on the IG posts after a few days of maybe getting bashed over pricing etc. So weak on so many levels…