Do You Think You Will Ever Be Too Old for Sneakers?

Trick question?

Off the rip most people will answer this question with a simple no! To be clear, I absolutely agree. But a better question is do you think you will ever out grow or become too old to collect and chase limited/hyped releases?

Can you see yourself being the exact same way you are now 20-30 years later?

Personally, I will always have sneakers in my rotation for comfort alone. But as I continue to age I do think it will become less appealing to have a closet and storage full of sneakers or feel the same way about the trill of the hunt.

I also can’t see myself being interested in hyped and limited edition drops or just having a sneakerhead mindset. That’s not a knock, but hopefully you understand what I mean. If not, get at me in the comments.

I’m not sure if the guy pictured above is really into sneakers & streetwear or if his relative is just using him to troll and gain followers. In the event the older gentlemen is genuinely into Yeezys and Supreme – can you see yourself flexing for the gram like this in your golden years?

I want to hear from everyone reading this discussion topic, so please chime in below.

Do you think you will ever be too old for sneakers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • But maybe I’ll surprise myself. At this point I doubt it, but my life has not been going like I thought it would so you never know. Like my granny used to tell my mom, JUST KEEP LIVING because you may find yourself doing things you said you would never do. Granny was so right now that.

    I’m def interested to hear from y’all on this topic. And like I always say, if you have any good ideas for discussion topics please drop a comment and let me know. I tend to overthink topics sometimes, and I don’t want the topics to feel the same. I also like topics that create great conversation.

  • C Brown

    As you grow older it really depends on how you spend your time…if you have a job or career where you get the opportunity to rock kicks a lot…then you will naturally continue to be immersed in the culture….if you don’t you will naturally slow down as those around you will no longer be into what you are into….I love kicks…have my whole life…when I was able to afford them I was grabbing 2-4 pairs a week…I was also in the nightlife industry where I could wear (stunt) said my obsession was linked to my business so it just made sense….now that I retired from Nightlife and am involved more in finance…I have less opportunities to stunt…yea I still grab maybe 2 pairs a month but they are mostly for fitness or some cat I caught slipping on EBay…I have less opportunities to really rock my heat so my need to keep stock piling has dropped….six months ago I picked up my kid from her private school…with a bunch of stuffy shirt parents there…and I was rocking the Velvet 90’s from EU a few years back….and all these people are like why are your shoes velvet? Wait they have velvet laces too??? WTF??? My response was cause these shits are hot as hell….but my audience is different now….long answer short…I will always be into the culture…but I just don’t have the need anymore to chase everything….I’ll grab some stuff here and there but I don’t need every drop…

  • Raeqwon28

    It’s really nothing I could add or take away from both comments, both good, It’s a dilemma people who are into sneaker have to balance as you get older. You don’t want to be the guy who trying to be young and not trying to be guy out of touch. I think variety is key with your shoes and knowing yourself and then getting dressed is important also.

  • ^Perfect, I have nothing more to add…

    Sidebar: In my late 30’s but the last 6 pick ups (the last month) included the following brands; Calvin Klein, Vans, Yeezy, Yeezy, Adidas & Yeezy.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Yeah, pretty much what you said in the article. I’ll have a few but def wont be tryna hunt joints down like that.

  • i think as we age we begin to see other things and acquire other things. kids, houses, cars, accounts and the list goes on. i think i will always have sneakers in my heart but even now at 32 when i get more money and make more money i want things a little different. NOW i think we will still all be fly LOL.

  • Ray.

    Im alrdy passed the point of gettin every release im mildly interested in. Im even passed the point of grabbin pairs I really rock with. If i gotta do too much to get em, Im out! Esp. with all the restocks and re-releases going on. But as for in 20-30 years, I know Im gonna be detached from the kick game. Im gonna be a fly old man tho, but I prolly wont have the lastest..

  • Viktor Von Doom

    I know as i get older, i will lose intrest in the sneaker game (sort-off). I don’t believe i will ever completely could let go. And thanks to internets, i can browse anonymous on the net, and still buy if i want to. But i’m afraid that i’m gonna be one of those guys thats gonna complain about “the youth don’t understand and everyting was better back in the days”.

  • Executive 777

    I think when your love for something is nature then age doesn’t mean anything. The older I get the less I give a damn about shoes to be honest even though I still like certain ones.

  • DJR

    I will say this. You can never be too old for sneakers because in terms of walking, exercise and In general you just need sneakers. I do think there becomes a point when you get too old for certain sneakers. The older I get I find myself leaning more towards designer sneakers. I’ve always liked limited edition sneakers (I like GR’s too) but I just don’t feel comfortable seeing a kid half my age wearing the same sneakers as me. There’s nothing wrong with getting old but there does come a time when you have to grow up. At the end of the day though do what makes you happy as you only get one life.

  • elhambone

    i’ve been rockin cool kicks since 1977 (nike, vans, adidas), before anyone was calling it a ”culture”… so i probably won’t stop, it’s the one addiction i have that won’t kill me

  • Super Mario

    Im more about casual sneakers now that Im in my mid 30’s! Dont get me wrong it still feels good to cop the fresh and newest release, but I dont CARE about having more, its about quality for me as well now!

  • OGedge

    For me, sneakers really aren’t an age issue, rather it’s a generation thing. My generation (80’s/90’s) we’re into sneakers, retro video games, g shocks, Polo, Transformers/TMNTs cartoons/toys, 90’s/00’s hiphop, jerseys, fitteds, etc. This shit was popular 30 years ago, and will always be popular for us.

  • Dior Brown

    My opinion is that its depends on how you feel..I feel that we all came to the same conclusion that we have to grow up and that we can’t buy shoes for the rest of our lives..some do it to fit in..some like myself do it for the culture..the love of buying shoes..I’ve been in the game well over 12 years and I’m now just getting to the point to where I have to walk away..its been fun waking up to rush to the stores to get the latest kicks..I buy some releases every now and again..but for the most part one day we all have to hang it up

  • Heezyholly

    Nah you will always need a pair of kicks for every Day or exercise. I can’t wear dress shoes even with suits lol. Probably you will switch to more everyday comfort /casual Footwear and not copping or coming up every week. Eventually we’ll become the same pair for a while guys lol

  • David N


  • Ron Simms

    i got into shoes when i was 23. i’m now 34. i could definitely see myself slowing down on sneakers as i continue to get older just because of other financial commitments. i don’t imagine that i’ll stop wearing sneakers altogether, or that i’ll ever migrate over to monarchs, but i also don’t think i’ll break my neck trying to get limited drops or camping out for anything.

  • rico strong

    been buying kicks since i was 15 (im 29 now) and im finally slowing down. Most shoes dont really interest me anymore, plus i have other expenses and interests. This coming from a guy that once bought 10 pairs in 1 month

  • Life is cyclical

  • I don’t think I’ll get too old for kicks but I’ve already seriously slowed down in the last 1-2 mths. The main reason is simply too many DS kicks.

    As I get older I know my feet will have different needs and some shoes will no longer work. Like Jordan 4’s, one of my favorite J’s but we all know they’re not the most comfortable shoe on the planet. If anything, far from it.

    As a kid, your body can take a LOT of abuse and you don’t realize just how uncomfortable most J’s are. In my 40’s some 4’s are hell on my feet within the first 30 minutes to 1hr.

    Last Sunday I wore the alternate 4’s to the barber and grocery store. My toes felt like they were being held by an invisible hand, squeezed together and twisted to the left with each step but also producing an odd contracting where I couldn’t straighten my toes after awhile! I noticed something similar with my Oreos in 2016 and the very first time I wore them but it definitely was no where near this bad.

    Please keep in mind no other model I own, including LOTS of smaller brands do this to my feet. There are other Nike models that produce a fatigued, throbbing sensation in my feet that goes away after awhile but the 4’s take the cake by far in terms of absolute pain.

    So with age this could get even worse and that would stop me from being able to wear 4’s.

  • fook yo

    nah. but as you age you shy away from the bright colors and tend to look for “cleaner” looking shoes

  • Lem

    Don’t think that you’re ever too old. However, as I approach 40 my interest in shoes have changed. I’m still a Jordan guy but my purchase of them has slowed considerably. I’ve moved on to more casual lux brands. My last purchase was for the Gucci Ace sneaker. Expensive but I figured I’d treat myself for father’s day. Will not be a habit though.

  • sirfresh

    Bottom line I ain’t wearing those Nike monarchs

  • Trickx

    Ive been collecting since around 04-05 ish when i started making my own money for real. as I’ve got older I’ve went thru spells of buying a lot and then cooling off. as I’ve progressed in my career I’ve been more into the dress shoe thing with now only buying a new pair of kicks maybe every other month, even now when i do cop new kicks i normally go for more toned down kicks as far as color. or more comfort based kicks. i doubt i will ever stop buying kicks. just a lot more selective and not jumping thru hoops for them.

  • russellerving

    I couldn’t have said it any better. I am an OG, for sure, but I like wearing sneakers and my job dictates that I can wear them. Wear what you like.

  • C Brown

    Further point G..i don’t really think it’s an age thing I really think it’s wayyy to much as I get older thing…once upon a time when I could just roll in a store or maybe wake up early on Saturday and pay a reasonable $100-$150 for some kicks ish…now..i gotta have Twitter or the app and be in a certain location to get a raffle ticket to get access to a map that shows the location of the spot but it’s only open Wednesday from 11-12 and the sneakers are $375 and it’s bitcoin only…I’m like WTF I’m way to old and too busy for all that nonsense….