Aleali May Is the Second Female To Collaborate With Jordan Brand


Congrats! Vashtie made Jordan Brand history with her Air Jordan 2.

Her Jordan 2 collab made her the first woman to collaborate with Jordan Brand. It’s been years since Vashtie’s Air Jordan 2, with no idea which female Jordan Brand would collaborate with next.

People don’t have to wonder anymore because Aleali May is next in line. She designed an Air Jordan 1 that’s inspired by the Shadow 1, her Kings Starter jacket, and the usage of corduroy is a nod to house slippers her dad purchased from Slauson Swapmeet.

If you can’t tell by now, Aleali is a LA girl. I don’t know exactly what she does, but I know it’s fashion related. I’m not sure if she’s a stylist or a fashion influencer/blogger.

Her Air Jordan 1 releases October 28 in Grade School and men’s.

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Aleali May Air Jordan 1

Her Jordan 6 is for Friends & Family only.