Moment of Truth: Isaiah Thomas Admits He Wore Fake Jordans Growing Up


“But they look real when I was younger.”

In this day in time, you gotta have a lot of respect for honest humans. It’s rare.

Isaiah Thomas revealed a truth most people can relate to: he used to wear fakes growing up. IT told Joe La Puma, “we didn’t have that much money so when I got older, I had kinda the fake Jordans.”

A real shocker, right? Not at all. I believe most people at some point in their life purchased fake Jordans whether they knew or thought the Js were real. Most of us “got got” before.

I’ll use myself as an example. Back in 2001 my cousin and I thought we found this exclusive Jordan 11 dealer in Japan who had crazy colorways we had never seen before. We thought we found a gold mine. I remember proudly walking around Lenox Mall, Golden Glide, and Cascade like I was the man.

People would stop us left and right to ask where we got our Jordans. We really thought they were real, and we thought we were really doing something in our fake 11s. I laugh about it now because it’s the honest truth. We were young and dumb when it came to counterfeit Jordans back then.

How many people have a similar story? Maybe you didn’t rock fake Jordan 11s, but maybe you copped a different model assuming the shoes were real.

Shout out to IT for keeping it a buck. No shame in his game which is why we all root for the boy.

The conversation starts at the 1:13 mark.

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