Black Box Nike SB Dunk High Channels MF Dooms


Nike SB continues its ‘Box Series’ and the next Dunk is coming soon.

As I’ve already mentioned from the start of TSG, the Pink Box era was the best series and my personal favorite. But I will not disrespect the other series that blessed us with SB heat, including the Black Box days.

Nike SB will drop the Black Box Dunk High next week, so save a little cash. Some people will cop these on the strength of the MF Doom Dunk inspiration. For those that don’t know, the MF Doom Dunk was one of the most hyped releases from the Black Box era.

Sooooo, if you’ve always wanted MF Doom Dunks or appreciate the Black Box series, you might want to add these Dunks to your collection.

The Dunk drops December 26 on

Black Box Nike SB Dunk High