Brace Yourself, Because the SF-AF1 Craze Is Real


Another colorway.

Who hasn’t bought a pair of women’s sneakers? We all know the drill.

If you wear a size 8.5 in men’s, you go to the store, and, without making too much eye contact with the Footlocker lady, you grab the lady sneakers and ask for a size 10.

Only me? No way.

I did that with the Sand 4s wayyyyyyyy back in the day. Still have those things, too.

I digress, because the above kicks are the story here. Nike is releasing another one of those ridiculously high top Air Forces — officially called the Nike SF-AF1 — and this time, they’ll be for women.

So if you’re short on Valentines Day ideas, heads up! There is no official release date yet, but all reports point to a drop later this month. No word on retail yet, either.

The soles of these joints are all black, and the rather large upper is binary blue. Peep the pics and hit the comments with your opinion.