Design Nike Air Max 95 - Which Colorway Is Your Favorite?


Which custom Air Max 95 will it be?

Would you rather have a shoe everyone has or a shoe only you have?

The answer is simple, but sometimes that GR (general release) colorway is necessary. As for the Air Max 95, there is nothing like the original colorways and color-blocking. For a limited time, Nike is allowing people to design their own Air Max 95.

That said, I did what anyone would do, I played around with different designs. At first I was just playing around because the plan was to share the news on the blog, but then I got a little serious. I was thinking hard and very focused. Biting my bottom lip like I was working on an elementary school project.

However, there is nothing elementary about my designs. Well, most of them. Ha!

I played around with various classic Neon AM95 colorway inspirations. You'll see that I did my best at recreating the OG colorway as well as new renditions. You can't go wrong with Volt, different shades of grey and black or white. It's too easy and hard to not cop every Volt sneaker you like.

My favorite are the colorways that are inspired by Marta, the transit service in Atlanta. I kinda snapped. But that's just how I feel, word to Kendrick on GKMC, track 5.

Let me know which colorway is your favorite.

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