Design Your Own Nike Air Force 1 With Patches


A new way for you to customize your Air Force 1s.

For a limited time only, NIKEiD is allowing customers to design Air Force 1s in a new way. You can now add patches to the Air Force 1 Low and High by clicking here.

This is a smart move by Swoosh because the DIY movement and custom game is bigger than ever now, so it makes sense to add new features to the most popular online customization platform and let people create directly with Nike.

If I had to guess, full customization will be an option online in the near future. Think Nike's Bespoke program, but with any model you want and your session comes with a Nike consultant to help with your vision. In essence, everyone will soon be able to say they have their own shoe.

That's my guess. But for now, if you want to freak out an AF1 with patches, bust a move!

Design Your Own Nike Air Force 1 With Patches