Explaining Exactly What Nike Air Max Technology Is

Ray P

Information you need to know.

Pretty much everyone in the world owns Nike Air Maxes whether you’re a sneakerhead or just a Science Teacher in Middle School. Have you ever wondered what really makes your Air Maxes comfortable? Is it really Air? Per Nike we have the full explanation of what Nike Air is and the benefits of Air Max.

NIKE AIR cushioning consists of a special gas pressurized inside a tough, flexible, urethane skin. The Air-Sole unit provides the spring-like cushioning. After each step or jump, the Air-Sole unit springs back to its original shape. The cushioning reduces the chance of shock-related injury to the bones, muscles, and tendons of the foot and lower leg. It also can reduce the muscular energy it takes to run, walk, or jump. NIKE AIR cushioning never compacts. it cushions as well after 500 miles as it does the first.

After studies showed that the level of cushioning could be improved the AIR MAX was created. AIR MAX contains three times more air under the heel than any previous Nike shoe.


  • Lightweight: Max Air displaces heavier midsole materials, reducing the weight of the shoe without sacrificing performance. Lighter shoes allow the athlete to expend less energy during performance.
  • Versatile: Athletes have different performance needs. Max Air cushioning is designed to meet each athlete’s exact specifications of athletic performance.
  • Cushioning: Max Air cushioning absorbs impact forces when the foot strikes the ground, protecting muscles, joints and tendons. The Max Air cushioning immediately returns to the original shape to protect the body against the next impact force. As a result, athletes protect their bodies against fatigue and stress.
  • Durable: Max Air is designed to provide cushioning throughout the life of the shoes.