First Look: Green Lobster Nike SB Dunk Low


Wait! There's another Lobster colorway.

The Purple Lobster Nike SB Dunk Low by Concepts drops today, December 14. However, Concepts has more last minute tricks. This Green Lobster Dunk is said to be an in-store exclusive at Concepts.

Word is Concepts also created an Orange Lobster colorway for Friends & Family, similar to the recent Diamond Dunks. None of this info has been confirmed by Concepts, but Deon Point posted this photo so a Green Lobster Dunk does exist.

Travis Scott also posted a photo of himself wearing the Green Lobster Dunk. If you have more info or you happen to get a pair today, drop a comment below.


First Look: Green Lobster Nike SB Dunk Low

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I like these even though I have no chance at copping. I will say the bottoms didn’t need to be that super bright green though unless they glow but I doubt it.