Frog Skateboards Nike SB Blazer Mid


One of the best Nike SB Blazer collaborations to date.

What's the last Nike SB Blazer you had to have?

It's very likely the Frog Skateboards Blazer Mid will be a lot of people's next Nike SB Blazer. Out of all the SB Blazers, there are none that look anything like the Frog Skateboards collaboration.

A well played and well designed sneaker by Frog Skateboards. The design explains itself. The release date is March 16 exclusively in skate shops, according to Nike SB and Frog Skateboards.

The best thing I can recommend is calling your local skate shops like the good ol Nike SB days.

Who needs the Frog Skateboards Nike SB Blazer?

Photos: Welcomeskatestore and Nike