Galaxy or ParaNorman: Which Foamposite Is the Best?


Let the debate begin about which Foamposite is the better.

Galaxy or ParaNorman? That is the question.

The Galaxy Foamposite sparked an all-time high of hype when released in February 2012. It was something we had never seen before for a Foamposite. Sure, there was previous hype, but nothing like the Galaxy Foam hype.

It was the first time Nike ever placed graphics on the upper. The hype was legendary. Shortly after Nike created the ParaNorman Foamposite One. Another cool Foam colorway with a graphic upper.

You could only win pairs of the ParaNormans, making the shoe highly sought after. I tried to win, but I wasn't successful. To this day, people still consider both Foams as grails.

If you had to pick one, which pair would it be? Let's talk about it.

Photo: IndexPDX