Here's what's going down at Atlanta's Nike SNKRS pop up shop. …


Here's what's going down at Atlanta's Nike SNKRS pop up shop.

The shop opened its doors this past Saturday, January 26, 2019 and it was a zoo (check the homepage and watch video).

But the shop will be open until end of March. Here's more info via Nike:

"Like the app, the pop-up, located at 711 10th Street NW in Atlanta, will release a rotating selection of limited-edition styles from January 26 through the end of March. But unlike the app, the selection is specific to Atlanta’s vibe, like styles from The Ten collection and popular Air Force 1 drops. The space also houses an Unlock Box, a futuristic vending machine with accessories and pin-sets, and hoodies and tees are also available at the pop-up.

More local opportunities for customization and events are found in in Nike’s Super Bowl Content Studio (open from January 31-February 2 at 760 10th Street NW), which is stocked with limited-edition jerseys, hoodies, T-shirts and an accessory bar that offers a design palette inspired by local Atlanta artists, including FRKO. The space offers the opportunity to book a photography session with photographer, videographer and Atlanta native Cam Kirk to sharpen professional-style portraits and landscapes skills. There’s also a turf-covered training space ripe for working out."

Also, A Ma Maniére is hosting several events this week. See flyer below!

If you know of other events, upload info/flyer in the comments.