Honest Review: Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT %


If the Speed force was a shoe!

Every time Nike drops a new running shoe, like clockwork I am coming off an injury. Last time it was the Joyride​ and this time it's the ​*Alphafly Next%*​, I guess one can call it perfect timing. With the combination of COVID and coming off an injury I’ve had ample time to get back into running shape.

The Next% is supposed to help you run faster. A lot of times when you hear that a shoe claims to improve your speed or make you jump higher it’s typically cap, but this is not one of those instances.

I’ve been wanting in on the ​Alphafly Next%​ since it's the current shoe worn by the runner that holds the unofficial world record for a marathon time. I wanted to see how I would perform in them, shout out to Stephanie for hooking me up with a pair.

As soon as they were delivered, (one time to all the delivery drivers y’all are heroes in my eyes), I immediately took them for a run.

The first thing I noticed when putting them on was how thick but light the shoe is, those two typically don’t go together. It felt like I had on a sock with laces. Most of the time when it comes to performance shoes I don’t focus so much on the look, but more so how they help me better perform.

On my run from the previous day I had an overall pace of 10:50, after my run in the Next% my pace was 10:18. After that run when I looked at my time I had an “oh s#it!” moment.

​I went on a few more runs just to make sure my excitement wasn’t the reason I ran so fast. Nope, that was not the case at all, these shoes really made me run faster without having any pain in the process. Having suffered a few injuries in my lifetime, that is always my concern in any performance shoe I try out.

Like anything, the ​*Alphafly Next%*​ does not come without its issues, at least for me and my fellow flatfooted runners. I found that the midsole dug into my foot when I ran and was a little uncomfortable, but not to the point where it affected my run.

Despite the slight annoyance, the ​*Next%*​ made me want to run longer and I felt like my foot was shielded from the ground due to all the technology, giving it a bouncy feel.

Long distance runs are where the ​Next%​ shines in comparison to the ​Infinity React​, which is currently my main running shoe. I also noticed I didn’t feel as worn down after running 5 miles in the ​Alpha Flys ​vs the same distance in the​ Infinity React​.

                                                                                           INFINITY REACT RUN          

                                                                                           ALPHAFLY NEXT % RUN (you can see the difference)              

The ​*Alphafly Next%​ is quite possibly the most talked about performance running shoe that I can recall in recent memory and for good reason. The hype in the industry amongst runners and professionals alike is justifiably earned and the shoe can back it up. The ​Alphafly Next %*​ has a price tag of $275 and fits true to size.

Unlike its predecessor you can get over 250 miles in this shoe. For sizing the shoe is pretty TTS, I received a size 11 normally wear an 11.5, the size I was sent fit me perfectly I also have a narrow foot so take that into consideration.

Despite the ​*Next%*​ being created with more serious runners in mind, this is not to say a novice runner shouldn’t cop these. Regardless of your running level, it will be worth the investment and experience. They are available to purchase on Nike.com

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