How a Man Managed to Steal $10,000 Worth of Sneakers at Nike

Ray P


Sneakers becoming more of a commodity means Nike's loss prevention issues will only get worse. In the latest sneaker crime news, a 20 year old man from Tennessee managed to steal an estimated worth of $10,000 in product during his time of employment at Nike between February 2015 and June 2015. How did one Nike employee manage to do this all himself you ask? According to WREG3, the 20 year old former Nike employee would take sneakers and stuff them down his pants one at a time as he ran them to his car.

Reports indicate the thief was doing this three times a day from the moment he was hired until he was fired in June. Nike says they lost 205 pairs of sneakers.

Needless to say, Nike Asset Protection Investigator contacted law enforcement and the young man was charged with theft of property.

Source: WREG3