How Much Would Someone Have To Pay You To Rock These?


Asking for a friend.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Let’s say your extremely rich family member dared you to wear these bad boys. Better yet, as the homie Sneaker Dave said, “When ball is life but the Mega Death show is too.”

You get the point. These are horrible unless this gets a pass for being a take on high fashion.

Anyhow, let’s say the family member wants you to wear these to the Jay Z and Nas concert. Now this is all made up so let my imagination be great. It’s a Jay Z & Nas concert with special guests OutKast, 2Pac hologram, Biggie hologram, Dre & Snoop, and Jay Electronica will be performing his album but it’s a daytime festival so people are going to be checking out your fit from head to toe.

You’ll be wearing these for a smooth 8-9 hours.

How much does your family member have to pay you?

Photo: Bodega