How Sway? More Unbelievable Marshalls Finds


It’s getting disrespectful at this point.


I’ve seen some cool things at Marshalls and Ross before, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. And to think, I thought I was shocked when I saw these sitting.

Either people really enjoy trolling the sneaker community or most Marshalls suck! Ain’t no way around it, word to Future.

In the latest Marshalls news, Acronym Nike Presto, Supreme Air Max 98, and Greedy Air Max 95 were spotted. Word is these pairs were found at a location in Michigan.

I truly hope people aren’t going this far to troll. As you can see, there’s a photo of the boxes. I seriously hope someone didn’t take six sneaker boxes into a Marshalls to take a troll photo. Nah! You’re better than that, my G.

That said, continue to keep your eyes peeled because apparently Marshalls got that work.

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Source: staypuft76