How To Locate And Buy Sneakers At Any Nike Factory Outlet


Information you need to know before visiting a Nike Factory Outlet

If you’re reading this article, you should be familiar with our column the Nike Outlet Alert. If not, NOA is a compilation of the best deals and best sneakers currently at Nike Factory Stores. We at TSG head down every two weeks to see what we can find and sometimes we might catch the outlets on fire in the middle of the week as they stock some pretty dope Air Jordan retros or other limited releases. Either way, we love to keep you guys on game.

After each and every NOA goes up our mentions and comments get filled with one question, “where do I find these?” We truly believe in sneaker hunting here at TSG. We’ve already looked out and took our time to visit the outlets, so we leave the searching part up to you. The thrill of the hunt is worth it. Trust us.

With that being said… instead of telling you where to find the heat, we rather to teach you how to find what you’re looking for. Follow the steps below and good luck hunting from here on out!

Locating sneakers at Nike Outlets via phone:

  1.  Check the latest Nike Outlet Alert and find what sneaker you want.
  2.  Most importantly, grab the Style # and the Model name.
  3. Call your nearest Nike Factory Outlet, tell the employee you want to check product availability and if it’s not available, ask them to search the database to inform you which store does.
  4. Proceed to give the Nike employee the Style #.

Now, a lot of times Nike employees don’t cooperate over the phone. Some are more than willing to help and others aren’t. There is a second option that works just as well, if not better.

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Locating sneakers at Nike Outlets via Nike Chat:

  1. Click on this link and bookmark it.
  2. Have the product number and model name ready.
  3. Once your Nike Chat has initiated, specifically tell the customer service rep you are trying to locate product at the Nike Factory Store.
  4. Provide your zip code and size range you are looking for as well as product information.
  5. Make some calls based on the information given.

Read an actual example of this method below:

Now you should be more than equipped to find any item we post in future Nike Outlet Alerts. Note that not every Nike Factory Outlet ships to your door. We hope this How To guide helped. And don’t be afraid to share this information with a friend or two. Let’s keep the community tight. Peace!

Share your thoughts, comments, feedback, and even best practices down below.