Jerry Seinfeld Designed Nikes That Helped The Mets Go To The World Series

Ray P

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It must be the shoes! Just like Mars believed Michael Jordan's shoes led to his success, Jerry Seinfeld is using the same magic to cheer on his favorite team. Prior to the MLB season starting, it's always safe to assume the club to make it deep into the playoffs would be the Yankees. But not this year and there's a good reason for it.

In the Spring of 2015, Jerry Seinfeld took to NIKEiD and designed a special pair of Nike Turbo Shox VI in a Mets colorway. Ever since he received his shoes, they've been worn for the majority of Mets games Jerry has watch. Superstitions and sports go hand-in-hand so when Seinfeld realized his team would find success when wearing the special shoes, he made sure they were present every time in the Playoffs. And clearly they've been working like a charm because now the New York Mets are in the World Series and look like a really strong contender. It's gotta be the shoes! I can't lie they look pretty fresh too. Maybe Nike will honor the OG sneakerhead with a PE pair if the Mets win? Ha!

Design Jerry Seinfeld's Mets Nike Turbo Shox VI here

Source: ESPN 

jerry seinfled mets nike sneakers help team win
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