Lil Yachty Rocked One of the Most Popular Holy Grails


Stunt young man. Is the Nike MAG the holiest grail of all time?

I can’t think of another shoe that makes people flip out like the MAG. Sure, there are tons of other holy grails, but Marty McFly’s stunt boots are most likely king.

Lil Yachty probably shares the same thoughts as many others when it comes to the MAG. What other shoe can break necks and shut down any other sneaker in sight? An unreleased Yeezy sample?

Personally, I’ve always appreciated the MAG from a cool standpoint, but I would never wear this shoe. I would certainly flip a pair like a pancake though, but you wouldn’t catch BDG rockin’ MAGs.

I know I’m in the minority when talking about this shoe, but that’s my honest take. But it’s not about me, it’s about Lil Boat – a young rapper living out his dreams in futuristic kicks.

You can cop a pair by clicking here if you feel like Pablo.

Image: ATL Pics