Mizuno ENERZY 2020 Running Shoe


Mizuno's brand new 2020 ENERZY shoe.

Mizuno is making noise online thanks to its new 2020 ENERZY running shoe.

Personally, I've been rockin with some of Mizuno's retro product as many of y'all know via WDYWT thread. However, I don't have a lot of experience with newer Mizuno shoes besides the collaborative footwear they create for Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race.

The ENERZY sneaker caught my attention (and yours) because of the eye-catching design. This shoe is definitely a conversation starter if nothing else. As always, the true test is based on the masses approval and sales.

I look forward to seeing this shoe in person because it's a such a wild looking design and looks comfortable. Oh, and did I mention retail price is $300?

Available now on Mizuno's online store.

How do you feel about this new Mizuno shoe?

Photos: Heskicks