Mowabb Nike LeBron 15


Mowabb Nike LeBron 15…

LeBron Watch continues with the ACG Mowabb.

The LeBron Watch series is made up of things LeBron liked or was influenced by when he was a kid. For example, the Diamond Turf LeBron 15 was the first drop because Deion Sanders is one of Bron’s idols.

As for the ACG Mowabb, LeBron said himself: “I remember like it was yesterday when I first saw my uncle wearing the original ACG Mowaab when I was a kid. Instantly feel in love! Tonight I got to bring them back to life with the #LeBronWatch.”

If you watched the Cavs vs Nuggets game last night, you probably noticed LeBron was wearing the Mowabb inspired LeBron 15s. Nike held a drawing via SNKRS app last night for people who were interested.

The pairs are of course sold out now.

Did you get a pair? Do you want a pair?

Mowabb Nike LeBron 15