New Nike Monarch Shoes Might Takeover 2018


New Nike Monarch shoes might takeover 2018.

Well, it seems like that’s the plan. By now, we have all seen the ongoing dad shoes meets dad swag trend that is taking over the world one hypebeast at a time. Not to mention dads have been on this wave.

Who do we blame for this trend? I honestly don’t know who started this trend, but it’s alive and well. I thought the wave would be short, but it appears the dad shoe trend is just getting started.

Fashion designer John Elliott held his NYFW Fall/Winter 2018 runway show yesterday, February 12. If you know anything about John Elliott, you know to pay close attention to the shoes in his shows.

During the fashion show a new Nike Monarch shoe was spotted on a model. Of course this confirmed the trend is just getting started, and with a cosign from one of fashion’s biggest names – you know it’s real.

For those not in the know, the Nike Monarch is one of Nike’s best selling sneakers. A staple choice for dads and granddads worldwide. With the current state of fashion, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone with a large platform cosigned the Monarch.

Currently it’s unknown if the Monarchs are a John Elliott collaboration or just a preview of what’s to come. Elliott’s brand didn’t reveal much information other than saying “New Monarchs…”

Whether these colorways are collabs or GRs, I expect to see John Elliott colorways sooner than later. I say that for a few reasons: 1) He used the shoe in his show, so he’s obviously a fan… or trolling. 2) A Concepts Monarch surfaced online this weekend (see below).

For those two reasons alone, I know we’ll see several Monarch collabs in 2018. And with that said, that’s why I feel new Nike monarch shoes might takeover 2018.

Maybe the dad shoe trend isn’t for you, but a lot of people are enjoying the hype.

How do you feel about new Monarch colors and collabs dropping?

New Nike Monarch Shoes Might Takeover 2018

Photos: jian delon / tylerblake