Nike 3D Printed Shoes Introduced By Way Of Flyprint


Nike 3D printed shoes introduced by way of Flyprint…

Introducing Nike Flyprint, the first 3D printed upper for performance footwear.

Built on the foundation of previous upper technologies like Flywire, Flyknit and NikeHyperfuse. Flyprint is created through a manufacturing process that takes unwound TPU coils apples heat to melt then is placed down in layers. Allowing designers, the ability to translate athlete data into new textile geometries.

The data capturing process starts with the athlete, such as using world record breaking marathoner Eliud Kipchoge’s feedback from the Berlin Marathon. Data such as this is collected and used to compose the configuration of the material, which is then transferred over to create the final textile upper.

The FlyPrint technology will debut in the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite Flyprint with the improved upper clocking the Flyprint version 11g less than the record breaking VaporFly Elite.

What are your thoughts on this new tech?

Nike 3D Printed Shoes Introduced By Way of Flyprint