Nike ACG Air Nasu Built For The Great Outdoors


Introducing a brand new shoe to Nike's ACG line.

Nike designer Nathan VanHook is currently in charge of designing all ACG footwear. Even in 2020, I feel like Nike's ACG is one of the best kept secrets that's been hiding in plain sight for years! It's like an underground rapper that's constantly releasing good albums, but for some reason hasn't gained any new fans or fame.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not mad at that because I love that ACG footwear isn't as popular as Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys, etc. The ACG line is the perfect example of "if you know you know." I caught wind of the line when I fell in love with the Terra Humara.

It's something about hiking/trail designed shoes that deeply resonates with me. I can't really explain. It's as simple as me seeing a design and immediately liking what I see. That's exactly how it was when I first saw the Terra Humara.

Former Nike designer Peter Fogg aka "Foggy" designed some of my personal favorites, including the Terra Humara.

Fast forward to 2020, and VanHook is the man pushing ACG design forward, but still staying true to the line's roots: All Conditions Gear (for the great outdoors). That brings me back to point of this article, to highlight the newly released Nike ACG Air Nasu shoe.

The shoe is currently available on New ACG footwear & clothing is dropping more often and that's always great in my eyes. I actually just copped the most fire article of clothing from ACG. Let me stop. I'm not trying to convert anyone into being an ACG fan, but if you know... you know!


Photos: Starcow Paris