Nike Air Max2 CB 94 2020 Retro - CZ7871 001


The Charles Barkley CB 94 sneaker returns in 2020.

Don't call it a comeback because the Air Max2 CB 94 is back!

I asked this question on @TheShoeGame's social media platforms: "Excluding Michael Jordan, which athlete has the best shoe line?" A lot of people said Charles Barkley, and I'm not mad at that answer. Sir Charles definitely has some classic Nike sneakers and great 90s advertising moments.

My personal favorite is Barkley vs Godzilla. Forever iconic in my eyes!

If I had to guess the most popular Barkley shoe I would have to say this sneaker, the Air Max2 CB 94. The design and Black/White-Pure Purple colorway is the stamp that reminds everyone who remembers when this shoe originally released.

Nike has released this shoe a few times since the 90s with the last retro happening in 2015. However, timing is everything because for whatever reason, people are super anxious to get a pair of the 2020 retro. The shoe is selling out everywhere!

The pair pictured in this article was the last pair at the store and I was lucky enough to buy it. Again, I don't know why the demand is so high this time around. My advice is if you see a pair, purchase it because they won't be in stock long whether it's in-store or online.

Speaking of online, look for this shoe to hit very soon!

The retail price is $160.

What's your favorite Barkley shoe of all time?

Photos: TheShoeGame