Nike Air Presto GS Black Pink Will Make a Lot of Men Salty

Ray P

Nike Air Presto GS Black Pink

The Nike Air Presto GS Black Pink is currently hitting European retailers right now, while a US date is imminent.

The color pink has been embraced by Men more and more through sneakers as the years go on. Raf Simons put out an all pink Stan Smith and it sold out in seconds even with a high price tag. Kanye West included multiple colors of pink on his Nike collabs and those did great too.

Black and Pink arrive on the Nike Air Presto for Gradeschool and if you wear over a size 7 Mens, you might be salty you can't get your hands on this pair. It's a really clean colorway with a splash of pop.

Head over to Titolo to grab a pair right now. Check back in soon for an update from the US.