Nike CLEARANCE Store Outlet Alert


Not to be confused with our Nike Outlet Alert column.

This is a Nike CLEARANCE Store Alert, not our signature Nike Outlet Alert. Nike Clearance Stores are different from Nike Factory Stores. The biggest difference is the ENTIRE store is one huge hash wall (shoe boxes with no lids) and the inventory is always unpredictable.

Also, the prices are usually cheaper and you literally never know what you're going to find whether it's shoes or clothing.

The purpose of these alerts are to show you what I see during my visits and to encourage you to visit your local outlet(s). And in this case, your local Nike Clearance Store (if there is one in your area). For me, hunting is what made me fall in love with sneakers, and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

That said, I hope this motivates you to get out there and see what you can find.

However, if that's not your thing you can shop for good Nike online deals. Either way, happy hunting!