Nike Dunk By You 2021 - Design Your Own Colorway


The Nike Dunk hype is stronger than ever...

So it's no surprise Nike is bringing the Dunk to By You (the new NIKEiD). It's time to make some Dunk money!!! It's been hard trying to cop Dunks so maybe this design program will make it easier for those who have been taking Ls left and right on SNKRS.

I can't help but wonder about the demand for Dunks and what the daily inventory will be on Nike. Word is the shoe will be available to purchase on January 8, BUT you can start designing colorways RIGHT NOW by clicking here.

Feel free to upload photos in the comments of colorways you cook up! Don't be shy, share that fire with TSG's community.

And if you're reading this, drop a comment to let me know because I know the blog posts have been slacking. Let me know if y'all are still here.

Photo Credit: Droplistapp and Nike

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C Brown
C Brown


I was wearing my De La lows the other day and some kid was going nuts....I explained I picked them up for $19.99 in the outlet and kid called me a liar....then said they was so tired of this sneaker thing.....Between JB retro'ing basically everything and the re-cycle/re-hash of things....its constantly explaining things which is draining and annoying......I miss the days of calling Logan to get SB samples for $29.99 with $6 Nike shipping.....Such a different time.