Nike Fear of God 1 Review


Nike Fear of God 1 Casual and Performance Review

After losing every online raffle I entered and rationalizing that it's not as bad paying resell price for a new performance sneaker as it is buying an upgraded retro from the 1980s.

I set a price in my head that I would cop without second-guessing for the Nike Air Fear of God 1. That said, here's my review.



(Note: I hate I had to get these from StockX, unboxing feels tainted.)

With that aside, this is the most premium Nike product I have ever owned. The attention applied to the packaging is unmistakable; the same feeling of me purchasing designer footwear. You instantly get the feeling that it's a Fear of God x Nike, not the other way around.

Initially, the shoe feels heavy presumably due to the midsole and thick suede.

3 pairs of additional laces, Fear of God hangtag, 2 sets of lace locks and a bag.


Before trying on, my initial expectations were they’d probably feel like a Nike Force 180 cushy but not anything to rant about. I knew the aesthetics would hold up but wasn’t sold completely on the cushioning.

After stepping down into the Fear of God 1 that all changed… the double stack zoom is responsive and can be felt throughout the entire shoe. The heaviness I felt in hand is evenly distributed; with the bulk of the weight coming in at the heel counter.


After hooping indoor/outdoor and multiple casual wears, my only gripe would be the depth of the outsole grooves and pick up small rocks during wear. The outsole/midsole didn’t get as dirty as I was expecting. Also, the sole showed little to no wear. In a serious hooping session, I’d probably pick another shoe.


The suede on the toebox is thick and has a nice nap to it, reminds me of the OG Jordan 18 suede. The mesh used on the upper is very sturdy, reminiscent of the original Special Forces Air Force 1; thick and holds you in place. Even the laces have a nice weight and feel to them; only thing close would be the Jordan 11 shoelaces


Before buying I watched a lot of reviews online about sizing issues in the FOG 1 - popular opinion was to half size down. I’m a true size 11, sizing down would’ve made the shoe too snug for my liking.

With the shoe already being a struggle to enter, sizing down could prove disastrous. There’s not a noticeable amount of room left in the toebox like the Internet had lead me to believe.

Hands down the zipper system is my favorite feature on the shoe. It does an excellent job of locking your foot inside the shoe, even if the shoe was a bit roomy you won't feel like your foot is sliding out of the shoe.

I wasn’t a believer in the lacing system but it actually does a good job of stabilizing and tightening up the upper. Something I was originally skeptical of but it actually works.

**One thing to note your feet will get hot in these. My advice is to wear crew socks, my first wear was in no show socks and wasn’t as enjoyable because the socks kept sliding down.

Final Thoughts

If you have the opportunity to get the Fear of God 1 or if you're on the fence about making the purchase, my suggestion is to to buy a pair. Maybe wait a week or so after the release date if you can’t cop for retail. In my opinion, the lacing options and comfort in this new silhouette make the purchase a unique experience.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Nike Fear of God 1 Review

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Nice review man. I just can’t pay that resell for these hopefully I get lucky with the next colorway.



Great job, Vane. You did your thing. I'm sure this review will answer a lot of questions people have regarding the FOG 1.

I know you said your feet got hot, but what's good with the ventilation? I assume they would have worked a good ventilation setup into this brand new performance sneaker. That sucks because for $350 I'd expect every performance box to get checked.

Also, do you think this is a shoe you could wear all day for comfort?