Nike Honors Gary Warnett With Special Air Span II


RIP to one of the realest to ever do it, Gary Warnett.

Nike Honors Gary Warnett With Special Air Span II...

Triple OG from the UK.

You know you're truly respected when you pass and one of your favorite sneaker brands creates a special shoe in honor of your legacy. Gary Warnett had many titles, but he was most known for being a sneaker writer.

I know that title doesn't sound impressive, but Gary was a great writer and much more than that. He helped several brands with copywriting for product launches, consulting, and there's no telling what else he did behind the scenes.

I remember Gary as an authentic voice in our community and a lover of the culture. It's a lot of clout chasing going on now and people faking the funk, but Gary was the total opposite.

In fact, Gary wasn't interested in fame. Similar to Tinker Hatfield, people know and respect Gary because of his work. For that very reason is why Nike created a limited run of Air Span II GW.

Gary would have turned 40 this year (May 21), so 40 pairs were made to celebrate his 40th birthday. The colorway is a nod to his father's personal favorite. As for a release, I expect pairs to be gifted to Gary's friends and family.

The game lost a real one. We miss you, Gary.

Nike Honors Gary Warnett With Special Air Span II

Source: Bedford Today / Magdi Fernandes