Nike Outlet Alert 3.22.19


It's time for a new Nike Outlet Alert.

Hooray! A New Nike Outlet Alert.

I've been doing a lot of moving around as of late, but in the midst of being busy I still made time to stop by a faithful Nike Factory Store. Unlike previous columns, this one only features finds from one location.

It's all good because the location I visited in Texas had a nice variety of prices and footwear. I usually try to hit a minimum of two locations, but I got y'all on the next one.

Peep my finds below, and hopefully this encourages you to visit your local outlet(s).

For those of you who aren't about the sneaker hunting life, click here for some good deals.

As always, if you have any questions holla at me in the comments.

Air Huarache Gripp QS


Vapormax Light II

Huarache City (GS)

Sale Price :$50

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I've been pretty tempted to go to my Nike outlet to just look but haven't stopped procrastinating. I'm almost 99.9% certain I wouldn't be copping anything. I am curious what the Adidas outlet has. You ever thought about an "Adidas vs Nike outlet finds - who had the better deals?" piece?

You'd have to obviously find a mall with both.


Yes, Kobe 1 red and white, what Nike outlet are they at?



See anything you need?