Nike’s Three Big Mistakes That Led to Stephen Curry Leaving

Ray P

Stephen Curry is the reigning NBA MVP whose on his way to a potential back to back Championship performance.

With all those accolades it’s easy to say Nike made a big mistake letting go of the next Superstar. However, the facts are in and it wasn’t Nike’s decision to let go of Stephen at all.

ESPN ran a story today that entails some of the happenings that led to Curry ditching Nike. Now, the Swoosh is not known for moving sloppy nor for a lack of professionalism, but that’s where things went wrong. Three key mistakes led to the big decision:

1.Nike failed to sponsor a Youth Camp to be led by Stephen Curry

There was the matter of whether Curry would get to lead a Nike-sponsored camp for up-and-coming players. These camps aren’t high on the list of fan concerns, but they matter deeply to the game’s elite. They’re a chance to teach a younger generation, to have interactions more meaningful than strangers clamoring for autographs on the street.

That summer, when it was really decision time, [Nike] were looking at Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis coming up. They gave Kyrie a camp and they gave Anthony Davis a camp. They didn’t give Steph a camp.

2.Nike rep mispronounces Stephen Curry’s name

The pitch meeting, according to Steph’s father Dell, who was present, kicked off with one Nike official accidentally addressing Stephen as “Steph-on,” the moniker, of course, of Steve Urkel’s alter ego in Family Matters. “I heard some people pronounce his name wrong before,” says Dell Curry. “I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised that I didn’t get a correction.”

3.Nike’s Power Point slides during the meeting read “Kevin Durant” not Stephen Curry

A PowerPoint slide featured Kevin Durant’s name, presumably left on by accident, presumably residue from repurposed materials. “I stopped paying attention after that,” Dell says. Though Dell resolved to “keep a poker face,” throughout the entirety of the pitch, the decision to leave Nike was in the works.

Read in full about the happenings between Nike and Stephen Curry that ultimately led to the decision to sign with Under Armour. It’s an incredible story indeed, salute to ESPN.