Nike Space Hippie 03 Review


A truthful review of Nikes newest sneaker from its "This is Trash" program, the Space Hippie 03.

With the current state of the earth, it’s not a big surprise to see brands beginning to take the initiative on being “green”. With that comes Nike’s newest trend the “This is Trash” program, and the Space Hippie line!

Of those, the pair that seems to stand out the most is the interestingly designed Space Hippie 03. I was not fortunate enough to get any of the 03’s, but thankfully I have friends who were.


One thing about Nike boxes is that they are pretty standard in shape and size. They’ll vary in colors and even in openings, but the overall shape of their boxes are pretty consistent.

Right away, you can tell that this product is something different. The box itself is very rectangular and some what narrow. With the exception of the product tag, the box has zero branding on the outside.

The box opens very much like adidas first YZY 350 boxes, (from the top). Once opened, you are greeted by the words “Space Hippie” in a cool font, with “Nike trash transformed” under it.

In addition, all along the rest of the inside are various Nike swooshes and branding as well. Despite the shape, the shoes fit comfortably inside and are accompanied by a cool mini tote bag too.


Now being that this is a shoe made out of 45% recycled materials (by weight), I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from it. Though these are not stated to be react, the feel of the sole is very similar.

Same squishy yet firm support. The support is very even along the bottom of your foot, but I do notice a bit of a bounce on the heel. The upper, to me, is comparable to adidas Primeknit, which unlike Flyknit is a bit more cloth like.

However, nike is calling this new material "Space Waste Yarn" which consists of 85% recycled materials. What is noticeable, is that the material is not as breathable as Flyknit. It’s also worth mentioning that the shoe is a bit tough putting on due to the design of the ankle cuff.

Because of this, it is a bit snug around the ankle itself. Despite that, the shoe is actually really comfortable. There is no lacing system, but instead a wire system that’s activated by pulling up on the strap labeled “pull” which tights the wires and pulls down the fabric that’s anchored above your foot to make it more secure.

To be honest, doing so didn’t really make much of a difference to me, as the shoe design keeps your foot pretty much in place already.


As with most Nike’s, the Space Hippie 03 is also true to size. As I mentioned previously, the Space Hippie 03 is a bit hard putting on.

Like most athletic sneakers, on the front and back are two pull tabs, which I had to use both to be able to put my foot through the opening. The lace system seems more ornamental as pulling the strap to tighten the wires did little to actually make my foot feel more secure.

What I found cool was in order to release the wires there is a button near your achilles that’s labeled “eject”. All in all it’s a pretty standard fit and overall nothing too special in regards to fit.


And now fun part, what is it made of?! To be honest I’m not entirely sure. The sole is very rubber in feel and there’s different colored specks of debris trapped with in it.

The upper (as mentioned previously) is called "Space Waste Yarn" which is 85% recycled polyester, that is made from recycled plastics bottles, t-shirts and other various materials. The "sock like" upper again feels very similar to adidas Primeknit in my opinion.

There’s more plastic components on both sides of the shoe, comparable to what the sole is made out. These pieces act to hold the wires and pull strap in place, and finally a last piece of plastic on the back that looses the wires when pressed.


For such an interesting idea, as well as looking shoe, I must say that I’m not entirely impressed with the shoe itself. I expected more in terms of how it would feel and react when used.

But to be honest, there isn’t much of a difference from what Nike already has with its ISPA line. I guess the benefits comes in the fact that the shoe is made from recycle materials, and that novelty in itself is what I feel Nike is banking on.

It’s a really cool shoe to look at, and will definitely turn heads. But all in all nothing that really stands out once you get past the initial concept. I wouldn’t say it’s trash, but not a grail treasure either.