Nike Stepped Outside the Flyknit Racer Box With These


Dig that red?

Remember a few years back, when those Gamma 11 joints dropped?

I was mad, because, as a self-proclaimed Jordan purist, I noticed they changed up the color of the Air Jordan 11 midsole for the first time ever. It had always been white. Now it was black.

Flyknits don’t have the same history, nor is this the first time they’ve thrown a different color on the midsole, but man, that red really caught my eye. It reminded me of those Gammas.

I ain’t even mad this time, though. The red gives a little extra oomph to the Wolf Grey upper/shoe laces combo that most definitely will have Ohio State fans giddy.

If these runners, midsole and all, are a must cop for you, this Nike Flyknit Racer will be available a few months down the line on March 10th for $150.

Will you be adding these to your collection?