Outfit Ideas For How To Wear Nike Dunks


Need some Nike Dunk styling inspo? Say less.

The Nike Dunk is "back" (not just Nike SB Dunks) for some people, but it never left for many of us. The cool thing about being timeless is you never go "out of style."

Since Dunks are back in production and heavy rotation I thought it would be helpful to piece together a style column. Whether you need outfit ideas or just want to see how people are wearing Nike Dunks, this article is for you.

In my opinion, the Dunk is a safe shoe when it comes to putting fits together. You really can't go wrong with styling Dunks, and fashion is based on personal style so there's no need for me to tell you exactly what you should or shouldn't rock with your Dunks.

Think of this column as a vision board or some good inspo. I made sure to cover various looks including examples of Dunks with pants, shorts, hoodies, vintage tees, etc. I even made sure I included several photos of women and men fits.

Peep the fits below and let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Which fit is your favorite?

Photo Credit: Instagram @rajamarcelino

Rule number 1, NEVER forget the simple freshness of a white t-shirt and pants fit.

Photo Credit: Instagram @arthavur

Here's another example of a super simple fit. There is beauty in simplicity!

Photo Credit: Instagram @jamesdebruges

White tee and Brazil Dunks. I repeat, you can never go wrong with a clean white tee, word to Dem Franchize Boyz. Ha!

Photo Credit: Instagram @jaadiee

Sometimes it's better to play it safe with the fit and let the Ben & Jerry SB Dunks do the talking.

Photo Credit: Instagram @sneaker_daisuki9524

Ladies, your tee doesn't have to be Supreme to get this fit off. No knock to Supreme though. Tee, skirt, and kicks. Easy!

Photo Credit: Instagram @charlottewhybrow

Impossible to miss with black. I'm also a big fan of cozy fits. A little pop of blue in the Bape shirt with Kentucky Dunks.

Photo Credit: Instagram @nokiiba

I think you get the point by now.

Photo Credit: Instagram @wneloy

This is an example of not stressing the colorway of Travis Scott SB Dunks. Don't overthink it.

Photo Credit: Instagram @oldmanalan

Another look of not overthinking the fit.

​​Photo Credit: Instagram @danie.sierra

Photo Credit: Instagram @milbrandon

I love Ralph Lauren, so this fit is super fire to me. Matching but not doing too much.

Photo Credit: Instagram @raygmiah

A more cozier fit for the cooler months.

Photo Credit: Instagram @fits_by_rag

This is probably my favorite fit. Vintage tee and sweatpants.

Photo Credit: Instagram @jaadiee

Another safe option is a hoodie and jeans... or sweats.