Pink Box Nike SB Dunk Low


Nike SB created a series of Dunks dedicated to their colored box series.

Starting from the bottom, they kicked the series off correctly by releasing the Orange Box, which was followed by the Silver Box.

If you know your SB Dunks, you know what’s up next and that’s the Pink Box. The Pink Box days were hands down my favorite era of Nike SB. Orange and Silver delivered some bangers, but the Pink Box days introduced so many gems.

The Pink Box Dunk Low is everything you would expect, but with a surprise. Nike SB added all-over 3M reflective material. Imagine if these Dunks dropped in 2006/2007. Can you say hype?

There’s no release date yet, but these Dunks will be dropping soon on

Images: everysolehassoul

Pink Box Nike SB Dunk Low