Remembering the Purple Pigeon on Throwback… Friday


Remember? I meant to publish this yesterday on Throwback Thursday, but Throwback Friday will have to do.

With so much talk around the Black Pigeon Nike SB Dunk, I thought it was only right to reflect on the unofficial Pigeon relative – the Purple Pigeon.

If you’re reading this chances are you know all about this shoe. Jeff Staple’s OG Pigeon caused a riot in 2005, and the following year Nike SB released the Purple Pigeon. Of course that’s not the official name, but the colorblocking and likeness was obviously inspired by the OG Pigeon.

Back when Nike SB was running the game, people made it a point to give every Dunk a nickname. Sometimes people forced names, but Purple Pigeon was perfectly fitting for this Dunk.

Some of you may be wondering what’s up with the purple pigeon on the side. If I wasn’t already in the know I would wonder the same thing. Shortly after the Dunk released this kid named Zahir created the patch and sold them on ISS. The patch allowed the Dunk to truly own the Purple Pigeon nickname.

I remember Zahir showing me the patch like it was yesterday. Dude was definitely ahead of his time with a mind full of creative ideas and the resources to create whatever he could think of.

With or without the patch, the Purple Pigeon Dunk is one of Nike SB’s best.

Do you own a pair of Purple Pigeons? Do you remember this patch? Did you cop?