Russell Wilson's Nike Dangeruss Wilson 1 Signature Shoe


Russell Wilson gets his own Nike signature shoe.

Russell Wilson's Nike Dangeruss Wilson 1 Signature Shoe

Nike killed it with signature shoes in the 90s. I don't think Nike will ever be able to top 90s signature shoes. Some of the best sigs during that era were made for NFL players, including Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Junior Seau, Jerome Bettis and the list goes on.

As of late, Nike has not be giving NFL players signature shoes. I assume it's the current market. Do consumers want to spend money on a NFL player's shoe? I honestly think it depends on the player and how the shoe looks.

Take Odell Beckham for example. If Nike creates the right design and price point for OBJ, I think it will be a hit. OBJ is the next best thing to Deion as far as personality and on field highlights.

It wasn't that long ago when Nike gave Darrelle Revis his own shoe which caught me off guard. At the time I wasn't even familiar with Revis Island, so I found it odd he got his own Nike shoe.

We all know how that story ended. The shoe didn't sell well and outlets were flooded with Zoom Revis colorways. That worked out well for a lot of us, and it's a really good shoe.

That brings me back to my original point, Nike doesn't give NFL players their own shoe like they used to. However, Russell Wilson can now be added to the elite list of NFL players with their own Nike shoe.

Russell Wilson debuted his Nike Dangeruss Wilson 1 sneaker at the ESPYs last night, July 18. But does Wilson have selling power? Do kids and adults want a Russell Wilson shoe? Only time will tell.

According to Heidi Burgett of Nike PR, this is a lifestyle signature shoe, so we might eventually see a performance model. Personally I'm not impressed, but I'm also not mad at this shoe.

Look for this shoe to hit today, July 19.

Russell Wilson's Nike Dangeruss Wilson 1 Signature Shoe