Sean Wotherspoon Previews Next Corduroy Air Max 97/1


Sean announces his second Nike Air Max shoe.

Sean Wotherspoon Previews Next Corduroy Air Max 97/1

Vintage collector and face of Round Two, Sean Wotherspoon, recently announced he was headed to Nike HQ to work on his next Nike collaboration. To be exact, Sean said, "Travel essentials for my trip to Nike world headquarters! Getting this 2nd wave going."

That was confirmation another Sean Nike shoe is on the way, but he also revealed the sample. The blue corduroy Air Max 97/1 sample has been previewed before by Sean, but he never mentioned it would release.

This is Sean's full announcement: "First peek at the second wave! Still early on the sample process, and there’s a lot that’s going to change! I’m thinking add some color to the sole, make that air bubble infrared, gotta change the sock liner to yellow, maybe a new color insole?!, fix the denim on the tabs, and do a gradient from light to dark blue instead of all light blue?!? What new patches should I include with this pair?! I couldn’t be happier holding these babies in my hand, can’t wait to see the final sample! So much more dope Nike shit to talk about, can’t wait to tell everyone!"

As you can see, he plans on making a few changes, and my guess is we're looking at an Air Max Day 2019 release date. I'll keep everyone updated with more info.

Are you a fan of this colorway? If not, what color(s) would you like to see?

Sean Wotherspoon Previews Next Corduroy Air Max 97/1