Sneaker Hunting Ain’t Dead! Another Holy Grail Find at Marshalls


On Monday I spent my ENTIRE day hitting up different Marshalls locations searching for Fragment 1s.

In case you haven’t heard, some people on the west coast found Fragment Jordan 1s at Marshalls.

I thought it was the Internet trolling at first, but a few legit people confirmed the info. I took a bunch of photos of the stuff I saw while I was sneaker hunting. I’m a little tired from traveling but I’ll get a post up about my long day of hunting soon.

That said, I saw a lot of cool finds but none like this! My guy Ty from Chicago found these bad boys at a Marshalls in Chicago. This isn’t as crazy as the Fragment 1s but still crazy!

The Air Pressure Retro WITH the box for $80. That’s what I call a rare find.

If you recall, the retail price was $300.

So yeah, I’ve said it several times on this site: sneaker hunting ain’t dead!