Strawberry Cough Nike SB Dunk High Not Releasing on 4/20


This 4/20 might not ever release.

Nike SB has been having fun on April 20 for a very long time. Before the famous Skunk Dunk we the Green Hemp Dunk Low in 2004. In 2020 leaked photos confirmed a new 4/20 Dunk designed by Todd Bratrud known as the "Strawberry Cough" Dunk.

Due to COVID-19 this Dunk is not releasing on 4/20, but it's not because shipping delays. According to a reliable source at my local skate shop, Nike is not releasing the Dunk because the sensitivity of COVID-19 and the Dunk's reference to coughing.

It appears Nike wants to avoid any and all bad press in this crazy pandemic which makes sense.

So, if you were hoping to cop these Dunks on April 20, sorry to inform you of this news.

Personally, I wasn't checking for this Dunk, but what about you?

Image: solebyjc [Instagram]