Takashi Murakami Wears Custom Air Force 1


Takashi pulls out custom Air Force 1s for Off White's Paris Fashion Week show.

Takashi Murakami Wears Custom Air Force 1...

Air Force 1s back? Just kidding, the Air Force 1 never left. However, I have seen a lot more energy and interest in AF1s as of late. I remember a time were the masses were not checking for new AF1 colorways.

The Art of Collaboration has worked magic for the AF1 because people have been thirst for certain drops. That said, I wonder how much longer it will be until Japanese artist Takashi Murakami gets his own Nike AF1 collab.

Until that days comes, Takashi is no stranger to creating, so he made his own pair. Yours truly is in Paris for Fashion Week and I spotted Takashi in customs AF1s as he entered Off-White's SS19 Pairs fashion show.

The shoe features his signature colorful flower print. He also tweaked a few more things on the AF1. Tomorrow is the big day with Virgil showing his first Louis Vuitton collection. I wonder what Takashi has planned for that show.

What are your thoughts on this custom?

Takashi Murakami Wears Custom Air Force 1