The $250 Nike Air Monarch IV Collab Releases January 2018


Did you think you would ever see a $250 Monarch?

I'm pretty sure the Air Monarch trend started as a troll, but now we're here. The dad shoe is a legit thing and several brands offer their own take on this ongoing trend.

When it comes to the GOAT dad shoe, Nike's Air Monarch IV is it. Sure, a few New Balance models come to mind too, but the Monarch pretty much owns the dad shoe space.

I expected to see a few Monarch collaborations, but nothing like London based designer Martine Rose's take on the shoe.

In regards to the design process Rose said, "We wanted some of the forms to spill over the base and we wanted the heel on the outfit to be further out than the sole…things we were initially told couldn’t be done. But everyone kept on pushing and we ended up developing these new shapes and ideas.” More details by clicking here.

Shout out to Nike for allowing collaborators to have creative freedom and take risks. I don't think I ever thought I'd see a reworked and reshaped Monarch. The only person I thought might rework the model is Virgil Abloh.

The release date for all three Martine Rose x Air Monarchs is January 12 on

Who's going to drop $250 for a pair?

The $250 Nike Air Monarch IV Collab Releases January 2018