The End of Nike "The Ten" Collection According to Virgil Abloh


We all knew it would end one day.

Virgil Abloh went on record to express his love for black Nike sneakers with white Swoosh/laces, hence every "The Ten" collection featuring a black/white colorway.

While expressing his love for black/white Nike sneakers, Virgil also confirmed the "last ever 10" collection. I don't think any of us are surprised by this info because the concept got old fast, in my opinion.

"small fact: personally i’m visually obsessed with the combination of black sneaker / white swoosh white laces. hence every edition of the last ever “10” came as such.” - Virgil Abloh

However, I seriously doubt this mean he's done creating with Nike. The question is, what's next? Only time will tell.


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It definitely was time to move on but I’m glad I got to participate (I wish I had the entire collection). I think he should definitely cook more with Nike but maybe that won’t happen as he still has LV stuff to do and I’m sure he wants his own brand to continue growing. Nike seems to be all in on Jerry Lorenzo right now anyway. It will be interesting to see how all this develops in the future though.