The Nike Air Diamond Turf Returns


Prime Time back!

It’s funny because I didn’t plan on today being the welcome back day, but I’m just going to flow with it.

In a world where so many sneakers are releasing, even sneaker bloggers can’t keep up. That said, it’s to my surprise that the Nike Air Diamond Turf is back.

Everyone knows I rock with Nike Trainers, and I definitely would’ve broke the news about the return of Deion Sanders’ Diamond Turf if I knew they were coming back.

It’s all good because it’s rare to catch me off guard nowadays, so I appreciate a surprise release every now and then.

But it’s true, the Air Diamond Turf in the OG Atlanta Falcons colorway is starting to hit stores. Of course there are a few minor differences from the previous retro, but that’s common.

If you’re interested, check with your local retailers because they should be available very soon. In fact, they are already available at some retailers.

To all my Atlanta heads reading this: if you want a pair, I would go to South Dekalb Mall if I were you. Also, hit up Kixfair ATL this weekend too! Use promo TSG at for $5 off tickets.

You’re welcome.

Nike Air Diamond Turf