The Story Behind DQM Bacon Nike Air Max 90


The story behind DQM Bacon Nike Air Max 90…

Salute to everyone old enough to remember Dave’s Quality Meat.

DQM is one of the OG g0-to sneaker boutiques in New York. The name has always been hilarious and that was the intended purpose, according to the founder Dave Ortiz.

Sneaker News caught up with the former owner of DQM to reflect on the highly coveted Air Max 90. I love stories like this because I was around when the shoe originally dropped.

Dave explains the design inspiration, name of the store, picking the colorway, and how his time was very time to turn in his design to Nike. The shoe game needs more stories like this.

If you’re curious and have 10 minutes to spare, press play and pay attention.

Do you own or pair or did you ever want a pair?

The Story Behind DQM Bacon Nike Air Max 90