These Are Trash! Best Comment Wins


Deadass, b.

I brag about TSG comments like people brag on their kids.

Whether it’s everyday OGs, readers who comment every now and then or random visitors who decide to join the conversation – the point is: the comments are what makes this blog so… special.

That said, here’s a random idea I just had. While surfing the web I came across the Nike Air Max Flair again, and all I could is shake my head. I don’t know what’s going on at Nike man. Who approved these?

Seriously, imagine sitting in the meeting when these were presented. In 2017, I don’t even know why they tried to make this work. I get the Air More and Air Much Uptempo are classics. Buuuut they were also designed over 20 years ago.

These look like something I would see at the Old National Discount Mall.

Anyway, I want y’all to have some fun with this post. So, the best comment will win a surprise gift.

May the best comment win.