This Air Max 1 Is A Combo of Your Favorite Grail Air Max Colorways


More 2017 Air Max Day news.

March is not only about Air Max Day, but it’s more like Air Max Month. Nike is rolling out several Air Max releases next month. A lot of classics, and a few new releases.

One of the new releases is the Master Air Max 1. According to Nike, the Master AM1 is a combo of materials curated from the most coveted styles in Air Max history.

Nike is basically dropping a What The Air Max, but that name is played out, so I understand the name change. Nike also said: “this 30th anniversary edition of the Air Max 1 is many grails in one.”

With that confirmed info, can you name all the colorways?

Nike didn’t announce a release date for the Master Air Max 1, so stay tuned?

What’s your Real Talk First Thoughts?

Images: ellaesco

Master Nike Air Max 1

Looks like Nike also created a White colorway too!