This Is Why You Should Wear Your Kicks


Hopefully you don't need a reminder.

Watch the video above to see the aftermath.

As the old saying goes: wear your kicks. It's not just a cute saying, it's the law. Take it from someone who has a sad amount of DS sneakers sitting in a Texas storage unit.

I'll admit, I enjoy collecting, but I didn't get into the shoe game to collect. Nah, I've always loved sneakers, and once I graduated from high school I started hunting for vintage Nikes on eBay. That was the hooker!

I bought stuff over the years that I wore immediately, and then I have a bunch of "I'll pull these out at the right time" pairs that continued to grow from my early to late 20s.

For example, only God knows how many Trainer SCs I own. Seriously, it's a lot! I have OGs that I never tried to wear because I have common sense, but I also have pairs from early 2000 that were perfectly wearable when I purchased them.

If you know anything about the Trainer SC, you know the midsole is NOT your friend. From midsole cracks to paint chipping, the Trainer SC is a shoe meant to be worn right away or kept in a display case.

Let me get to my point. I copped an insane amount of Auburn Trainer SCs when Nike re-released the classic colorway for the second time in 2009. Long story short, I never wore any of them.

Why? For the longest time my worn-in 1998 Auburn Trainer SC Retro was holding up, and I still prefer the '98 version over all the re-releases. However, I finally pulled out a fresh pair for Paris Fashion Week and I was quickly reminded what I already knew.

I'm not mad because that's how the Trainer SC and many aged kicks roll after years of sitting. At first I was shocked to see so much paint chipping, but then I realized the shoe turns 10 in 2019. Yikes!

Moral of the story: wear your kicks.

This Is Why You Should Wear Your Kicks

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A different life
A different life

I saw this on the gram and was like damn. Been there homie. This is why I've slowed down massively BUT...

I spoke to a friend in the UK about this in 2017 and here's what he told me.

"When you get the shoes put them on and walk around the house in them for about 5 minutes, let them stretch and then put them back in the box." He said he's never had a problem but I don't know.

Can anyone say if this sounds right to them? Have any of you tried this? I still think the short term solution is to wear your shoes and why I've slowed down. I have more shoes that there are days in a year but maybe by the end of 2019 I will have undestocked all the unworn pairs.


have the same thing happening with my White Flip 3's, Military Blue 4's, and my Nike Air Jet Flights that ive had since 8th grade (2001)